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This is the place to leave and read reviews for anyone with a gmail account; Should you have been dissatisfied please reach out to us via phone or email first so that we can make it right.

Click here to go to the review page. Should the link not work you can find the page by entering "Horseshoe Lock & Key" in Google Search.

You will also find high resolution copies of photos used around this website in the "Photos" column.


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Better Business Bureau

We are a BBB accredited business. Not only does the Better Business Bureau website allow you to submit complaints, but also leave a review; Reviews left here are the most credible as the Better Business Bureau has a process to verify reviewers are real customers prior to posting their comments.


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Not many people use the yellow pages anymore, but we are still listed here.


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Unfortunately more and more reviews get filtered out seemingly because we don't wish to spend money on Yelp ads; Whenever we ignore sales calls reviews disappear or our business gets marked as being temporarily closed. Please don't waste your time leaving a review here.

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